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Our experience, capabilities and scale mean we can deliver value to clients across a range of industry sectors. As a multi-discipline multi-sector engineering design contractor, we have the ability to weather challenges and prosper by leveraging our wide range of experience and its best in class practises.

Working across multiple sectors and markets provides a number of advantages, including:

• A greater range of experience, allowing us to apply best practice and lessons learned from all sectors – identifying ways to operate smarter and cheaper.

• Achieve higher utilisation, resulting in lower non-billable, and therefore savings to the client.

• Working across multiple sectors also provides a more cost effective resource pool, utilising transferable skills from skilled engineers in multiple sectors, providing an increased range of experience in addition to reduced cost.

Oil and Gas

Our dedicated Oil and Gas business, Nortech Oil and Gas Ltd, provides our clients with brownfield engineering design, procurement and construction management solutions, ranging from process modification and repair, like for like replacement and life extension projects. Each client has a dedicated and ring-fenced project team, tailored specifically to their requirements. Please contact us here.

Process, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

The Process, Chemical and Petrochemical industries are key to our business. Teesside is home to around 60% of the UK’s petrochemical industry and so allows us to recruit experienced and professional staff that have extensive experience in the sector and provide a service ideally suited to clients in the industry both on Teesside and beyond. Our work includes on-going and extensive work on the Wilton Complex, including long term agreements with major clients. Please contact us here.


Teesside has become central to a boom in power generation from biomass, energy from waste, nuclear, gas, coal, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and wind energy. Our staff have significant proven experience within the industry. Nortech has been successful in securing contracts with a range of clients in these fields, providing them with the engineering expertise to complete their plants and projects. Please see the Nortech Solutions Website for further details or contact us here.

Iron and Steel Industry

Nortech are the sole UK agent of Paul Wurth (, a global iron and steel technology company employing over 1500 people directly and over 5000 people as part of the SMS group. Paul Wurth technology is used across all aspects of the upstream iron making process. Nortech’s strong relationship with Paul Wurth, together with in house iron and steel experienced professionals, provides Nortech with the enviable ability to deliver the best iron and steel projects. Please contact us here.

Midstream Gas Processing

Nortech has become active in the North American Midstream Gas Processing marketplace. Our Oil and Gas process expertise naturally lends itself to the conceptual, basic and detailed design of skids, pads and process technology used in the Midstream Gas Processing industry. Experiences include compressor stations, slug catchers, inlet and outlet scrubbers, regenerator/contact towers, and the associated buildings and facilities. Please use our contact page to request more information on our Midstream Gas Processing capabilities.

Please contact us here for details on how we can help with your project.


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