Nortech People

Our People

Our people are specially selected to ensure the continued success of our business. We primarily find our people through personal relationships, knowledge of the individual, their reputation and through contact with them. Our on-boarding process, coupled with knowledge of them, results in a seamless integration into the company.

Having people that know each other well and can work together results in an excellent working environment, providing the best results for our clients.

We’re committed to supporting and developing everyone who works at Nortech. The best example of our approach is our apprentices. Each year, Nortech gives opportunity to a number of new apprentices. Their progress and training is customised and monitored by our dedicated Training and Development Manager, who works with them to ensure that they develop in the right way over their apprenticeship period, resulting in people who can accomplish once they complete their apprenticeship with us. Such a commitment by Nortech results in a continued ability to deliver successful projects to our clients, whilst continuing to produce quality engineers who can work in the industry longer term.

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