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Nortech cements commitment to charitable causes with foundation of CSR initiative

Nortech Group, the Wynyard-based professional engineering design and project management company, has launched a new initiative to deliver its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Nortech Cares will be headed up by Elaine Bunn who will co-ordinate Nortech’s funding activities across the UK and abroad.

The new programme will support Nortech’s charitable and community work, including existing initiatives and good causes. It also opens the door for future projects and fundraising for Nortech staff, friends and family.

Nortech Cares aims to support two fundraising campaigns every year, one in spring and one in winter, alongside regular charity events.

The first good cause has been recommended by Nortech buyer Charlotte Phillips, who is aiming to raise cash for Hope 4 Nell.

Nell Ramsay, who is two in May, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in November 2014. A rare neurological disorder affecting just one in 10,000 girls, Rett Syndrome hit the headlines in 2013 when Colleen Rooney’s sister lost her lifelong battle with the condition.

After birth, girls with Rett syndrome tend to have six to 18 months of apparently normal development before severe problems with language, learning, coordination and other brain functions appear. Early in childhood, affected girls lose purposeful use of their hands, often grow more slowly than other children and may develop breathing problems and sleep disturbances. There is no cure for Rett Syndrome.

Nortech Cares is aiming to raise £500 for Hope 4 Nell. Money will go towards equipment Nell will need to help her have a more comfortable life, including a special device which will allow her to communicate using her eyes.

Charlotte said: “Nell is my friend’s daughter, so I nominated her for our Nortech Cares initiative. She’s a beautiful little girl who loves life. She loves watching Bing Bunny and Baby Jake on television, her best friend is the family dog Molly and her favourite food is trifle.

“She loves being outside on the swings, adores being with other children and the wind blowing in her face on a windy day makes her laugh. She enjoys swimming and splashing her mummy and daddy, and loves bubbles.”

Nell lives in Billingham, Teesside, with her parents Debs Henderson, a full-time mum, and Adam Ramsay, a health and safety inspector.

Debs said: “We’re still coming to terms with Nell’s diagnosis. We want to do all we can, as parents, to help her live as comfortable and happy a life as possible, so we’re over the moon that Nortech Cares is supporting us in this way.”

Elaine Bunn, Director of Nortech Cares, said: “I am delighted to announce the establishment of Nortech Cares. For some time, Nortech has been engaged in charity initiatives, including our increasingly popular Charity Golf Day which has raised thousands for some very deserving local causes.

“It made complete sense to organise our charity initiatives under one banner, particularly as we would like to extend our CSR activities to further afield, including pursuing initiatives in the Aberdeen area and even overseas.”

Over the last two years, Nortech has raised over £10,000 for charities in the Teesside area alone. Nortech’s Annual Charity Golf Day & Shoot raised a staggering £5,415 for two local charities, Butterwick Children’s Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support. Staff at the group have also cycled the 285-miles from their offices in Wynyard to Aberdeen to raise money to support a terminally-ill former colleague and his family, as well as the Jo & Mya Memorial Fund, which supports bereaved children.

Since its establishment in April 2011, Nortech Group, which serves the process, offshore, onshore oil & gas, steel and iron industries, has expanded rapidly from four to 80 members of staff.




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