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As margins are eroded and competition increases it is necessary for performance and productivity to be optimised in order to maintain competitive advantage and achieve success. For this to be possible contracting parties need to be clear in their requirements and objectives when entering into contracts and subcontracts.

Thereafter, project personnel need to be aware of those requirements and responsibilities in order that these can be satisfied at all stages of the project execution. Our extensive project controls and contract management experience is available to clients to ensure contracts are properly formed and administered in order to effect savings and enhance market performance.


Cost Management

Cost Management is a broad subject encompassing all the elements of a project relating to cost, from inception to completion. Today’s market requires contracts to be administered in a professional and structured manner, allowing facts to be recorded and positions safeguarded.

Whilst some see stringent contract administration as potentially adversarial, this does not have to be the case. We employ experienced commercial and contract administration personnel with extensive practical experience of project cost management. We are able to deploy individuals to enhance a clients existing commercial team, or alternatively deploy a commercial team to undertake the total commercial function of a project.

Planning and Scheduling

The construction schedule and associated planning techniques provide one of the most important management tools in any project. Not only does this provide a reliable means of planning forward work but also monitoring progress and change. This allows project management decisions to be made at appropriate times. In a claim or dispute, the schedule and actual progress achieved will also be essential to demonstrate the real impact of critical change.

In order to be effective, the schedule and progress records need to be developed, maintained and analysed by skilled and experienced people. Change needs to be identified from the various project records and the real impact upon the schedule determined. Our planning specialists have wide industry experience, blending practical skills with a high level of computer and IT literacy. Consequently we are able to ascertain real issues quickly, logically and economically.

We are well versed in all of the relevant proprietary computer software packages, which we use to help us efficiently develop and produce innovative ways to present complex matters in a comprehensible and effective matter. Whether assisting with project management, recoverable schedules, claim preparation, claim evaluation or providing expert witness services, our planning service produces economical and effective solutions.

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