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Dispute Resolution Solutions

Some disputes are not settled easily and in these circumstances we provide highly qualified professionals to assist clients involved in formal dispute resolution processes including litigation, arbitration and adjudication.

We have extensive experience of working with leading lawyers, having developed an approach to litigation, arbitration and adjudication which satisfies the stringent requirements for properly preparing a case. This includes the need to evidence allegations and establish clear links between events and consequent cost and time implications.

Our personnel have excellent communication skills, allowing us to effectively play our part using a team approach and our skills complement the work of other professionals involved in the litigation or arbitration process.


Case Management
Formal dispute resolution is a complex arena often involving a significant number of professionals. We often act as Case Managers for clients, providing the focus for and liaison between those various professionals, reporting to clients in a clear and structured manner.

The Case Manager ensures that all matters are being attended to on time, that budgetary controls are in place and that a client remains in control of the case. Importantly the Case Manager’s role also includes responsibility for ensuring that at all times clients are aware of the status of the case and all of the potential
risks and options available.

Expert Witness Services
Disputes which can not be resolved without recourse to arbitration or litigation are often highly complex. In such circumstances the testimony of an expert witness is often crucial to the decision as which party will prevail. The role of the expert is to provide an analysis of the facts together with opinion evidence on matters requiring specialist knowledge or expertise.

To be effective, an expert witness must be both experienced and knowledgeable in their field and must be perceived as being both independent and objective. We provide both Delay and Quantum Expert Witnesses who have a wealth of real experience in these important areas.

Our experts are highly qualified individuals who act with the utmost integrity in the best interests of the client, but impartially and in a cost effective manner. Many of our experts have been extensively court tested and cross-examined on some of the largest cases in recent years. 

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