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Commercial Solutions

It is imperative that in today’s market contracts are administered in a professional and structured manner. We employ experienced professional personnel with extensive practical experience of project and operations commercial management.

Our expertise in the Commercial Solutions arena includes:

• Procurement strategy
• Bid support
• Estimating and budget preparation
• Project documentation
• Commercial strategy and procedures
• Contractual advice
• Contract administration
• Correspondence and notices
• Cost control and cost reporting
• Variations / change control
• Final account (preparation or agreement)
• Project auditing
• Benchmarking
• Commercial management of subcontractors and suppliers


Estimating and Budget Preparation - A variety of cost estimates can be prepared, ranging from high level conceptual estimates to full detailed capital estimates to support both the needs of the end user and the business (generation of other types of estimates would be for economic analysis, management decisions, optioneering and the like). Estimating methods will recognise the level of information available and will range from factorial, parametric and analogous to define estimating methods.

Nortech can assist in all stages of the estimating process using its wide ranging experience to provide accurate detailed estimates for projects.


Management - We focus on the identification and development of value opportunities and the cost effective management of projects from inception through to completion and operation of assets. Cost and risk performance is measured against targets and every opportunity for improvement identified.

Governance - We help you identify the best methods of managing your expenditure. We help you establish the best delivery strategies and define clear lines of accountability and responsibility.

Assurance - We verify that performance is consistent with your commercial policy and goals. We address any risks and issues that arise and if problems do occur we provide solutions designed to protect your interests.

Cost Control and Cost Reporting - Introducing a constant control service can bring immediate savings and make sure that you remain competitive in the long term. The use of accurate cost models, cost projections and cost management are all factors which are employed in the effective delivery of a cost control service within the cost parameters established at the outset. Cost control needs to be carefully managed. Whilst it clearly helps to cut wasteful activities, careless cost cutting can lead to falling quality, poor moral and the like. Nortech provide a flexible pro-active approach, tailored to suit the requirements of the client and ensure the application of cost control is implemented to deliver the desired results.

Contract Management and Administration - Most projects benefit from getting off to a good start using the right contract and then managing the rights and obligations through the project duration. Nortech specialise in this field and can bring a wealth of experience to any project.

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