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Tata Steel Scunthorpe - Queen Anne Casthouse Floor

Paul Wurth Luxembourg were contracted to undertake a complete redesign of the Queen Anne Blast Furnace Casthouse Floor at Tata Steel Scunthorpe.

An identified Blast Furnace Reline was seen as an opportunity to make some significant improvements. The concept was to provide a level casthouse floor which will provide improved access for vehicles and personnel.

The existing casthouse floor primary and secondary support steelwork required to be replaced to accommodate the revised design of the main iron runner, secondary iron runner and slag runner design. In addition the existing fume extraction system required improvement to provide improved working conditions and environmental requirements.

In addition, new TMT taphole machinery were also included within the redesign of the casthouse Floor i.e. taphole drill, taphole gun and main iron cover manipulator. The design and layout of the new casthouse floor used 3D modelling to aid client understanding of the revised layout and to generate the detailed fabrication drawings.

The project considered changes and modifications to the existing plant equipment including:

     · Main Iron Runner
     · Secondary Iron Runner & utilities.
     · Slag Runner
     · Runner Covers
· INBA Runner
     · Fume Extraction
     · Taphole Drill
     · Taphole Gun
     · Cover Manipulator




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